Recently I attended a music festival in Live Oak, Florida. The town is right on the Suwannee river near the Florida/Georgia border. I was encompassed by interactive art displays, booming music sets, a crisp fall air and some of the most creative minds I’ve ever encountered.

I was lucky enough to stumble upon a workshop happening that resembled a meditation. My girlfriend and I sat down to listen in. The speaker told us about how we could achieve anything we wanted, if we were able to visualize it.

The workshop was free; the speaker humbly sat on the ground. She said, this could be as simple as drawing a stick figure on a piece of paper and saying “this is me and I’m happy.” And then you could go through your day, continuing to visualize this, and succeed in it.

Or it could be as complicated as planning out your next career or travel moves. The choices were not limited. Anyone could do anything. As long as you could visualize yourself achieving whatever it was, you would attract the possibilities and opportunities.

What I really took away from this workshop was also the ability to let go, and to embrace detachment. Its important to look inward and say, “okay I recognize that I’m feeling this right now, I acknowledge that. And now I’m choosing to feel a different way.” There is so much power in gaining control over one’s emotions.

Recently meditations have helped me greatly. Taking 5 minutes a day to scan over how my body is feeling, what my mind is thinking and how my emotions are affecting me is beneficial. I’m able to ground myself and return to the simple idea, that I can achieve whatever I want, as long as I can visualize it. Sometimes I don’t always know where to picture myself in the future or what exactly I’ll be doing. However, when I emit those positive vibrations and mentally picture myself successful and happy, I’m able to open my eyes and be even more grateful for all that I already have.

I highly recommend trying out short mediations and tracking the way it affects your daily life. It’s as easy as looking up 5 minute guided meditations on youtube. If you have 5 minutes to read this then you’ve got the time! Just sit, and breathe. Let your thoughts come and go without judgment of self. See if you feel like you can think more clearly. See if you attract more good in your life. Good attracts good. Even when we experience bad, if we choose to stay positive, we can come out a winner. Attract the vibrations you desire, by sharing them first.

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