4 New Age Podcasts for the New Year


You are what you consume.
Whatever you let into your orbit of mind-space, exists within that rule. I don’t know about you, but that can be a little overwhelming for me. I started listening to podcasts because I was tired of the Top Charted music lists and the radio. I was tired of hearing and consuming the same entertainment that failed to challenge my thinking. Podcasts offer another way to ingest knowledge while itching that forgotten bite of enterprise and conception. They are a way to shut out the noise of mundane politics or create a mental variety among daily routines. Maybe you’re looking to broaden your horizons or question the unknown. Maybe you just want something to laugh at. Here’s 4 unconventional podcasts I highly recommend tuning into this 2018.

1.The Minimalists
Let’s start with a podcast about the simple life. If I’ve learned anything from this podcast, it’s that simplifying is anything but easy. Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus talk about their personal reasons for leading a minimalistic lifestyle and share how to focus in on the important things. They went from six figure, top-of-the-food-chain corporate jobs to minimalistic baristas. They’re happier than ever and the best part is how hilariously honest they are.

For example, they don’t give you a laundry list of how to declutter, but rather packing parties while making fun of each other in the process. They talk about how letting go through their longer stories and through tweet able phrases as well. These are called their “minimal maxims.” Their documentary has been featured on Netflix and their website allows access to all the their blog-style essays, for free. Even better, their podcast has NO advertisements, because advertisements would go against their message of emphasizing quality over quantity. They really practice what they preach, and they LOVE coffee. They even have their own coffee shop in St. Petersburg, Florida. I’m yet to make the visit, but as a fellow coffee enthusiast, it’s definitely on my agenda.

The guys interact with people on their tour and through the net to answer real life questions and offer advice with achievable solutions. They never suggest trying to change or convert others to a life of minimalism; they emphasize loving people exactly as they are. Their message is simply about loving one another, rather than loving things. In a world full of marketing and materialism, I’ve found their podcast to be honest and enlightening.

Website- https://www.theminimalists.com

2. And That’s Why We Drink
Calling all ghost hunters and true crime enthusiasts: this one is for you. This is a podcast about haunting paranormal and murder/serial killer stories. Hosts Em and Christine typically start the L.A. based show by talking about the laughable reasons why they drink that week, then phase into the show’s content. Em covers the paranormal stories and Christine the true crime stories.

The two detail the history for their stories and keep it morbidly comical. The hilarious commentary compliments the typically gruesome content. The duo shows nothing but respect for the events discussed by incorporating the most clever sarcasm. They often say “The world is a scary place and that’s why we drink” and in today’s world I couldn’t think of a better way to keep the darkest topics intriguingly  light.


3. The Hilarious World of Depression
Depression: often considered a feeling but still a diagnosis not taken seriously often enough. If you can get on board with that definition, you can agree that an equation of humor plus this clinical condition could sum up to some pretty relatable conversations.

John Moe hosts the podcasts with guests that tell stories from their most profound “a-ha” moments to some of their funniest “ha-ha” moments, amidst experiencing depression. By challenging the stigma of mental health, the show opens up conversations too many of us are uncomfortable with. Like, what is being medicated really like? What are the signs of depression that we see but clearly overlook? And my favorite, why is depression so damn funny sometimes?

I think it’s the satirical cynic in us all that enjoys this show’s clever and charming approach to something that affects all of us; whether it be around us or inside of us.

Website- https://makeitok.org/the-hilarious-world-of-depression-podcast

4. The Heart
Episode titles are essentially what grabbed my attention.
“I like me”
“Movies in Your Head”
“The Spark”
“The Real Squishy”
The range of topics touch all corners and crevices of eclectic interests, issues and politics. The episodes feature callers, soundbites and stories all extending to positively influence listeners.
By magnifying humanity and intimacy, the podcast promotes body positivity and feminism. The show branches from the host Kaitlin Press and her predominantly female producing team. Since radio is dominated by male hosts, I found it to be quite a treat to come across a podcast that amplifies the female experience in such an artistic fashion, while still keeping it hella real.


These podcasts are available through a multitude of mediums, however my preferred source is Spotify. The channels are available for free and also through the membership. I’m not sponsored or influenced to write about any of these. I simply enjoyed them and felt the urge to share my enjoyment.
Feel free to reach out and recommend your favorite podcasts to me as well 🙂

2 thoughts on “4 New Age Podcasts for the New Year

  1. Amazing writing Kirsten! I’m very proud of you!!!!!♡♡♡♡♡

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  2. Way to go Kirsten great job!


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