Trending on a Tuesday

What’s causing blips on my Tuesday radar?

If you go on Twitter, #TuesdayThoughts is trending. Tweeters different and alike all share their positive and occasionally negative current thoughts, pertaining to Tuesday. Most tweets were positive inspiration to focus on oneself-which I totally dig. Some tweets reverted back to the ongoing political climate. My favorite tweets were those that steered clear of anything too controversial; not because I don’t love a good controversy but because seeing twitter users spread a little love was pleasant. Why spread extra love today?

It’s Bob Marley’s birthday!
He would’ve been 73 years old today. Born on February 6, 1945, the Aquarius that spoke to and continues to reach many of us, passed away in 1981. His messages of love and harmony still feel like a relevant overarching theme in today’s ever changing world. My personal favorite songs of his are “Redemption Song” and the ever classic “Could You Be Loved.” The real question is- could you be loved? Are you loving yourself and others today? Turn up some good ole Marley and spread the love today.

In other news- read that with your best imaginary anchor voice- NPR published an article posing the question “Can computers learn like humans?” And I am totally perplexed.
Beautiful R2d2 Meme Star Wars R2D2 Funny meme Funny Nerd Meme s
The article goes over artificial intelligence and the exponential growth in recent years. The main idea is to get computers to be self sufficient in learning new programs but the biggest obstacle is granting them that ability and being able to create the experience. How creepy would it be to have your laptop converse with you and your spouse about the weather?
But how dope would it be to have your microwave tell you that your leftovers smell absolutely delicious? Here’s the link if you’d like to explore the article more, because as much as I love to share my fleeting thoughts, the facts are much more intriguing.

Now you’ve got an entire day ahead of you! Tweet something sweet or political with the hashtag #TuesdayThoughts, turn up Bob Marley and salute him with your choice of burning flame; candle or otherwise. Maybe even go chat up your microwave.
Don’t worry, (I won’t tell anyone) and be happy.

Thanks for for reading, much love.

Feat. image from Rolling Stone originally.

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