Going with the Flow

Orlando is home to individuals from all walks of life pursuing the most diverse careers in Florida. Jess Harvey, better known by her stage name Jess Neptune, represents this part of the demographic and exceeds  in the variety factor. The performer runs her own entertainment business, Cirque Bishop with her boyfriend and partner, Brad Bishop. The duo hosts events with their crew of 20+ performers that specialize in the flow arts.

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According to Jess, flow artists “manipulate an object to make shapes and dance. It sometimes puts you in a flow/meditative state, that’s where it gets it’s name from.”

Some examples of flowing are juggling, hula hoop dancing, spinning staffs and fans and spinning poi, which are weighted tear drop shaped objects attached to rope or string. Basic flow art objects are called day props and then there are also props that light up, called LED’s. Cirque Bishop elevates the flow art experience by lighting many of their props on fire. Yes you read that correctly; fire.

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Jess began her journey with flowing as a college student, with friends who shared her interest in hooping. I asked her about how Brad and her created their business and what the idea was behind the name.
“Before I started performing it was mainly Brad who was doing it. We tried to come up with a name for him which was, Cirque Bishop, his last name is Bishop. The name stuck and now that I started performing we kept the name as we plan on getting married and I will also be Bishop too one day.” This fiery romance flows better than most.

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Although Jess runs this exclusive and uncommon business, she leads a pretty normal daily life.
“I love cooking and hanging out with my pets and my friends. Listening to music and doing yoga. I like creating art and being surrounded by it.”
She’s a civilian by day and fire spinning funambulist by night.
Jess Neptune claimed that her biggest obstacle with running her own business is to continue pushing herself to work hard for herself; which makes sense when you are your own boss. Something she is working on most recently is stilt walking.

nature clown 3

Despite the fun loving atmosphere that the flow arts create, a lot of blood sweat and tears goes into these effortless-looking flow performances.
“I don’t think people realize how much time, money, and effort is put into performing. Also, people think of flow artists sometimes as ‘lazy hippies’ and that is not what we are. We are hard working performers” said Jess.


Cique Bishop’s  mission statement reads:

Cirque Bishop LLC is a circus entertainment and equipment business. Our goal is to provide quality and innovative cirque entertainment to people from all walks of life. Cirque Bishop performs and teaches throughout the entire state of Florida, but will travel world-wide. 

To get started in flowing, learning new tricks or even simply meeting other people that flow, she suggested attending music festivals, flow events and fire jams.
“You can find flow artists near you in many different groups on facebook. I would recommend trying all the props to see what interests you the most because everyone is different and everyone’s brain’s work differently.” Each person seems to approach their flow individually and their process tends to vary. So it’s helpful to realize that there are so many different types of flow and objects to utilize rather than be overwhelmed by the amount of options.



Jess Neptune’s encouragement for others to experience the flow arts seems to be apart of her natural energy. She ended our interview with this.
“Follow your heart & dreams. Work hard to make your dreams come alive. Don’t let your dreams just be dreams.”


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Her tangible success has been admired by onlookers in Orlando locally and on social media as well. To contact her for booking, you can visit CirqueBishop.com and email CirqueBishop@gmail.com or call/text their office
You can also catch up with Cirque Bishop on facebook- facebook.com/CirqueBishop
and view their instagram- @cirquebishop. 

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