The Main Squeeze: Music Monday

Happy Monday!
Just Kidding, Monday’s usually aren’t everyone’s favorite.
Fortunately, I’ve come up with a list of songs to help you decompress after a long day.

Drip by Cardi B (Feat. Migos)
First of all, Cardi B’s new album is entirely flawless. Since I could only pick one song, I had to pick this one because it’s so catchy. It’s the ultimate hype song. Play this one while your work day is coming to a close. You made it through the day!

Wake Me Up by Avicii
With the recent passing of Tim, it’s completely appropriate to feel a little nostalgic with this song. This song puts me in the present moment immediately and reminds me that no matter where I am, I am exactly where I should be in this life.
Rest Easy Tim and thank you for all the incredible music you created.

Take The Money and Run by Steve Miller Band
An oldie but a goodie. This song is perfect for when you feel like you’re hanging on by the skin of your teeth. Stuck in traffic? Your boss is still blowing you up? Kids making you feel like you can’t take it anymore? It’s all good because you can. Go on, take the money and run. Or just listen to some Steve Miller Band and vibe out for a bit.

Morocco by Moon Taxi
You made it home after a long day but you’ve still got a full list of things to get done. It’s the perfect jam to set the tone for coming back to the present moment and it’ll keep you moving.

Space for Two by Mr. Probz
This is one of those back roads, in your feels, type of song. Maybe you need to go for a drive after your Monday, so play this song while you do it. The lyrics will fulfill your craving for sappy lyrics with a smooth strumming guitar and a flowing beat. You’ll be yearning for your significant other by the end of this song, or at least Mr. Probz.

Nice For What by Drake
Drake is here to tell you, it’s alright. You’ll get through it and it’s all good. This song will have you grinding through all your work you had to bring home or get you going for your evening workout and set your mood to high productivity mode.

Chop Suey! by System Of A Down
So you’re ready to blast through that work out and get the most out of it? Stick your headphones in and just blast this one. A little metal never hurt anyone! Besides, this song will have you push through your sets with all the extra umph you need.

268x0w (1)
Marinade by DOPE LEMON
Now it’s time to cool down and chill out. You’ve gotten through your to do list and done all that you can for the day. Take this time to reflect and listen to the spoken word lyrics with the easy-going beat. You’ll be tapping your foot thinking, Monday’s aren’t so bad after all.

Thanks for reading!
Much love.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these pictures. All images from google images.

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