Kate Spade: The Speculation Spam

Why are we so obsessed with the fall of the rich and famous?
Is it because we crave a lifestyle that many of us will never experience? Is it because we look at the rich and famous as invincible and untouchable?
They aren’t so unlike us.


Part of me wants to say the oversharing is due to much admiration of Kate Spade’s many accomplishments as a designer.
Yet, part of me knows, that there hasn’t been an inkling of privacy granted to the Brosnahan and Spade family; because as a society we are obsessed with the details of what could have happened inside a seemingly perfect life. 


It’s easy to google Kate and find out the details of her suicide.
She hung herself with a red scarf from a doorknob in her Park Avenue apartment. Found by her housekeeper, there was also a note left addressing her daughter.
The note allegedly said “It’s not your fault” and “Ask your father.”
13 year old Francis was at school.
It’s everywhere. We get it. So why are we probing for more?

An article was published on Kate’s husband, (linked at the bottom of this page)
Andy Spade, that he left his apartment in a mouse mask, shouting at paparazzi,
begging for privacy.


Another article was published on Kate’s niece posting a video of her aunt dancing at a Christmas party with a Mariachi band playing in the background.
Why do I need to know these things? I don’t.

This is called, being intrusive. Am I being a hypocrite for further illuminating the subjects? Maybe. However, I’m doing it to present a counter perspective:
We’re diving too deep into a sensitive situation.

Image: Kate Spade
SPECIAL PRICE. American accessories designer Kate Spade.

I love seeing the articles celebrate Kate Spade and her successes.
She graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Journalism.
Her beginning at Mademoiselle Magazine in the fashion department grew her love for fashion. Eventually she would team up with Andy Spade, her future husband, and create a designer line of handbags named Kate Spade New York.
Her first boutique would be only 400 square feet, but would graduate into a 10,000 square foot unit eventually. She’s since been named in the Entrepreneur Hall of Fame. Neiman Marcus Group developed a grand interest in Kate Spade’s line and bought 56% of the company.
Following suit, Liz Claiborne would buy the rest, then sell to purse and accessory line, Coach. At 55 years old Kate Spade was not only a billionaire, but also a mother. Her daughter, Frances is left with the designer legend of her mother.

Kate’s family has contradicting stances on her mental state.
Her older sister, Saffo, although upset by the news, said that the suicide wasn’t unexpected. Saffo said that Kate suffered from anxiety and depression, and asked Kate many times to seek help. While these claims were made, Kate’s brother insists that Kate would never do anything like this and never seemed unhappy.


However, the fact of the matter is that Kate did take her own life. Instead of speculating on the perfection that had once been presented, I think it’s worth noting the phrase “More money, more problems” are pretty damn relevant.
You never really know what one person is battling with daily.
It doesn’t matter who they are, or what they have.
Before you share another viral article or video online delving into the depths of the Brosnahan or Spade family, think about what you would want in you were in their shoes. Maybe go ahead and share something that celebrate’s Kate’s life, but maybe pass on the darker speculations.
Hug your loved one’s today, call your mom or do a good deed.
As the cliche goes, life is just too short.

Thanks for reading, much love.

I do not own any of the above pictures.



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